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Společnost Garmondi CZ s.r.o. působí na českém trhu od roku 2000. Jsme profesionálové na poli distribuce a reklamy.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Quality, innovative and delicious non-alcoholic beverages – that`s the reality!

Healthy Food

When selecting products, we carefully examine the ingredients – no low-quality raw materials, artificial colours or flavours will pass muster. Cereals do not have to be full of sugar and sweets full of chemicals. There is a better way.


Just as we care about the quality of our food and its ingredients, we also want to bring other products with the same quality. That's why the Baby category brings to the market new products that meet the highest quality and focus on ecology and organic food too.

Where to buy the selected goods?

Why work with us?

Our company Garmondi CZ s.r.o. represents a number of successful brands in the Czech Republic. We look for interesting products abroad, take care of their import, sales and marketing support. Quality is a key criterion in our selection process and we carefully examine the composition of all products. We build good relationships with suppliers and customers and successfully promote imported brands on the Czech market.

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