Twisst – Ready to drink non-alcoholic mocktails.

Unlike other pre-mixes, Twisst is low-maintenance and high quality.
You don’t need to crush, mix or shake before you TWISST.
Perfect for any occasion.
You can drink TWISST anytime, anywhere and with anyone.
Professionally mixed like bar quality beverages.
Twisst is preservative free!
It`s eco-friendly!
Twisst can be tasted in 7 different versions and is produced in two different packaging types – a classic can or eco-friendly CartoCan®

TWISST is the 2016 winner of the “Best New Non-Alcoholic Beverage” Award, which was previously won by Pepsi and other industry leaders.

The brand TWISST is owned by European Food & Beverages the regional office of reputed Austrian conglomerate Landgenossenschaft Ennstal (LGE), which offers value-added, quality food and beverage items under private label to brand owners and retailers worldwide.