oneglass®, that`s a unique brand of Italian wines, organic wines and cocktails.

Oneglass® has an elegant design award-winning the Red Dot Design Award and robust packaging that makes it easy to transport and consume too. Ideal for a trip, a picnic, as a gift, for cooking or just like a glass of good wine or a drink to serve with your dinner.
An idea that has been written in history! Veronesi Piercarlo Zonato loves good wine. But for a good glass of wine he always had to open the whole bottle. So in 2009 he decided to create practical packaging together with designer Massimilian Righi. As an Italian wine lover, he paid great attention to the fact that it is not just about packaging but also about the highest quality content. Both quality content and packaging together create an unmistakable product that soon gained popularity not only in Europe but also in America or Asia.
Today, Oneglass® products can be tasted in 14 different versions in three product lines. The largest of these are classic white and red wines and then also organic wines or cocktails.